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Promote Your Brand!! Whatever the occassion, let us help you grow your business!!  We can laser engrave a beautiful crate to remind your customers why they choose you.  Long after the treats are gone, this custom branded crate will remind them of your kind gesture and to call you time and time again.  We can customize the experience for your clients from the crate itself, the treats and notes inside as well as colors.  Let us help you gain greater brand recognition!!


Corporate Gift Basket with a variety of salty and sweet gourmet treats.  Typically includes gourmet toffee or popcorn, nuts, artisan chocolate and/or truffles, gourmet caramels, Tru Fru, taffy and protein bars.  We can 


Packaged with a handmade ribbon bow, paper shred and basket or a crate with a logo.


Products are made locally in Utah.

Corporate Gift Baskets

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